No effectiveness without objectives: On the effectiveness of participation in crisis management and its measurement

The Parliamentary Committee on comprehensive crisis management, which finished its work this spring, noted that the Finnish participation in crisis management lacked clear and measurable objectives against which the effectiveness of the participation could be evaluated. The committee recommended the establishment of clear quantitative and qualitative objectives for participation in crisis management, and the development … Read more

Effective participation in civilian crisis management requires cooperation

The Finnish participation in civilian crisis management suffered a regrettable blow on 21 March 2021, when we lost a specialist who had been working in the European Union’s civilian crisis management mission in Somalia, employed by the State of Finland. The personnel of CMC Finland is deeply saddened by the loss of the civilian crisis … Read more

A deceased Finnish civilian crisis management expert–flown back to Finland

A Finnish civilian crisis management expert died on 21 March 2021 due to Covid-19 related complications. The deceased worked as a civilian crisis management expert deployed by Crisis Management Centre (CMC) Finland in the EU’s EUCAP Somalia operation, which contributes to the establishment and capacity building of maritime civilian law enforcement capability in Somalia, including … Read more

Coronavirus challenges crisis management training

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected crisis management training the world over. Even so, the authorities still need to ensure that their specialists are capable of doing their duty in different areas and regions. Operations have also had to come up with new ways to train the specialists arriving in their area, and online induction is … Read more