Tasks of the CMC

CMC Finland, the Crisis Management Centre, brings together actors in the field of civilian crisis management in Finland. It is responsible for recruiting and training all experts seconded to international tasks. The CMC also conducts research and publishes in the field of civilian crisis management. CMC’s procurement and logistics team is responsible for the readiness to deploy civilian crisis management experts with the necessary operation-specific equipment and tailored procurement of equipment and equipment.

Finland in civilian crisis management

The CMC’s activities emphasise networking at home and internationally. Civilian crisis management is work carried out within the framework of international organisations, aiming to reduce instability in different conflict-ridden countries and to prevent chaotic conditions from spreading any further. Finland has been active in international civilian crisis management since the 1990s.

The EU, the UN, the OSCE, NATO, the Council of Europe or some other international coalition employ approximately 120 Finnish experts annually. The tasks range from operational support functions to supporting local authorities in police, judicial administration, border management, customs, enforcement of criminal sanctions, international politics, human rights issues and communications.  In crisis areas, the tasks of local police, border management, the judiciary or local administration can also be performed temporarily.

Civilian crisis management is part of both the EU’s common security and defence policy and Finland’s foreign and security policy. Civilian crisis management is also a means for our country to be actively involved in the work and decision-making of the EU and other international organisations and it also furthers national security. The work of Finnish experts contributes to preventing the spread of international crime, terrorism and uncontrolled migration.