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Research as a basis for development work

Research and development is one of the statutory tasks of CMC Finland. We conduct practical research that serves the development of Finland’s national crisis management capabilities, for example, by producing researched information on our operating environment and changes in it. We often implement our research projects together with partners. They may be universities, companies, think tanks or research institutes in Finland and abroad.

In our development activities, we monitor, for example, what kind of experts we select for our training courses and deploy to international assignments. Information on how experts get recruited and build their career paths supports us in making future choices and provides national background organisations with information that they can use to develop their organisations and staff.

The R&D unit coordinates the in-house learning activities at CMC Finland, which means continuous development of all our functions. We are also responsible for the internal audits of CMC Finland in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard. We ensure that we continue to hold this certificate issued to us for our training activities by means of annual external audits.