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CMC Finland’s new visual identity reflects civilian crisis management advancing human security

CMC:n uusi logo

CMC Finland is introducing a new visual identity on April 23, 2024. The design is based on our vision of civilian crisis management as a promoter of human security and sustainable peace.

Human Security Know-how

CMC Finland’s mission is to be a civilian crisis management centre of excellence, advancing human security and sustainable peace by training and deploying experts to support international organisations in their civilian crisis management tasks globally. This mission is captured in our brand promise of “Human Security Know-how.”

“Civilian crisis management aims to promote the cornerstones of human security – peace, democracy, and effective rule of law. The training, research, and development activities we offer, as well as the experts we send on international assignments, contribute to sharing expertise in human security,” says CMC’s Director Jari Mustonen.

Speech bubble, folded ballot paper, and shield as the basis of the new emblem

The basis of CMC Finland’s new emblem or logo carries the initials of our name, “CMC.” Within the new emblem, one could also see a speech bubble, symbolising communication and transparency. The book-like appearance or folded ballot paper illustrates our support for democracy. The shield-like shape symbolises security and trust. The simplified symbolism communicates across language and cultural barriers, which is crucial in our broad international operational field.

CMC Finland’s updated website remains at the old address

The refreshed visual identity was designed by Kaski Agency in collaboration with the staff of CMC Finland.