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CLIMATE – SUSTAINABILITY – PEACE? CMC Finland Tiedekulmassa 2.5.

Kriisinhallintakeskus ja Helsingin yliopiston kehitysmaatutkimus järjestävät keskustelutilaisuuden Tiedekulmassa (Unioninkatu 4, Helsinki) 2.5. klo 17.00-19.00.

Tilaisuus on englanninkielinen ja se myös striimataan verkkoon.

* What kind of new challenges does the adaptation and preparation for climate change bring?
* Which themes are right now at the heart of the discussion concerning current crises?
* Does peacebuilding have possibilities to deconstruct inequality?

Crisis Management Centre (CMC Finland) and Global Development Studies (University of Helsinki) invite you to an event held in Think Corner focusing on questions around climate change, sustainability and inclusive peace. The discussion will specifically address these questions in the context of regions most severely affected by climate change.
At the event, sustainability professionals will discuss and explore aspects regarding climate change, peace and sustainable development. Climate-related challenges will increasingly shape our environment in the coming years. Along with these challenges, there will be a growing need for coherence and coordination among peace projects, humanitarian assistance and development cooperation. Adapting to the effects of climate change will also require expertise and cooperation between various disciplines at a local and international level.


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