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Course for Short Term Election Observers (DL 21.10.2022)

 Course description 

CMC Course for Short Term Election Observers provides Finnish experts an opportunity to enhance and deepen their knowledge on international election observation standards and practices. The course offers Finnish experts a high quality, in-person training with practical exercises that provides knowledge and skills that are necessary for the work of a short-term observer in OSCE and EU election observation missions. The course language is English. The election observation course is a voluntary course, and its completion is not a requirement for secondment. However, completing an election observation course can be an asset when candidates for secondments are reviewed.

Target audience

Experts interested in short term observer (STO) positions in OSCE/ODIHR and/or EU election observation missions. Individuals with no previous election observation experience or with some election observation experience (for example one previous STO-deployment) are invited to apply. Due to secondment rules of election observation missions this course will only be open to Finnish citizens.
For more information on EU and OSCE election observation missions, see CMC’s website.

Time & venue

7 – 9 December 2022, Hotel Korpilampi, Espoo, Finland


There is no course fee. Tuition, accommodation and full board are covered by CMC Finland. No per diem is provided, and travels to and from Helsinki should be arranged independently. Travel from Helsinki to the course venue is arranged by CMC Finland.

Deadline for applications

21 October 2022 at 1615 hrs

Application form can be found here.

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