High Level Course 2024-2025 (DL 14.5.2024)

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About the course

Criris Management Center Finland is seeking a candidate to the 20th CSDP High Level Course 2024-2025. The course is organised by the European Security and Defence College (ESDC).

Please find the course invitation in pdf-format here. The national application period for CMC Finland candidates ends on the 14th May at 16:15 (UTC +03:00).


The Course contains both an e-learning phase and four residental modules according to the following timetable:

E-learning phase: 1 July 2024 onwards
Module 1: in Brussels, Belgium between 23 and 27 September 2024
Module 2: in Larnaca, Cyprus between 25 and 29 November 2024
Module 3: in Bucharest, Romania between 7 and 11 April 2025
Module 4: in Lisbon, Portugal between 23 and 27 June 2025

Course participants must be available for the whole course, which includes eLearning phases and residential modules, and must be ready to contribute with their specific expertise and experience throughout the course.

Learning Objectives

The overall aim of the CSDP high-level course (HLC) is to equip senior experts from EU Member States, candidate
countries, and EU institutions with the necessary skills for assuming leadership roles in the application and advancement of the Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP). This involves mastering policy implementation, crisis management and capability development, all within the wider context of the Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP). The course aims to empower participants to collaborate efficiently with diverse stakeholders in this field.

Furthermore, the course aims to broaden participants’ knowledge and understanding of the EU security and defence architecture. It focuses on the integrated approach to the CSDP as a key tool of the CFSP, looking into current and anticipated policies, missions, and operations. Additionally, the course seeks to raise awareness about emerging threats and other general issues.

After the course, participants will be able to

  • identify the long-term objectives of CFSP/CSDP and explain the major characteristics of the EU Global Strategy on Foreign and Security Policy (EUGS);
  • outline the responsibilities/roles of the EU Institutions, Agencies and internal structures in the CFSP/CSDP;
  • describe the military and civilian capability development process within the CSDP;
  • describe the decision-making process for CSDP missions and operations, including planning and force-generation aspects;
  • distinguish between the different aspects and elements of CSDP and crisis management: prevention, preparedness, response (civilian and military CSDP missions and operations), communication, lessons learned, education and training; and the major actors’ roles in the provision of civilian and military capabilities required for CSDP missions and operations;
  • describe the interlinkages between CSDP and the area of Freedom, Security and Justice, as well as with the Commission’s related activities outside the EU’s borders;
  • outline the effects of horizontal issues on the conduct of CSDP missions and operations, in particular human rights, protection of civilians, gender, irregular migration (border control, monitoring missions/operations), transnational crime, climate security, energy security, cyber security, hybrid threats, critical infrastructure protection, terrorism, etc. evaluate the various EU interests and values mentioned in the EUGS;
  • express views on the relevance of key horizontal issues for the implementation of the CSDP;
  •  develop possibilities for the further engagement and coherence of EU Institutions, Services and Agencies in EU capability development (e.g. European Commission, EEAS, EDA, EU SatCen), as well as partners;
  • consider the value of inter-institutional coordination and international cooperation with state and non-state actors in the context of crisis management.

Target audience

CMC Finland is seeking candidates who are looking to apply for senior management positions in CSDP missions.

NB! Police officers should apply through the Finnish Police Board (POHA) – please note that the deadline for police officers is 14th May. Police officers may apply by sending their CV and motivation letter to kriisinhallinta.poliisihallitus@poliisi.fi

Those experts who are currently serving in a mission should apply primarily through the mission. However, if the mission does not nominate candidates for the course, they may apply through CMC Finland.

The nomination decision is based on the evaluation of the applicant’s international experience, work and study history and the anticipated benefit that the course brings to the applicant’s recruitment to a senior management position in civilian crisis management missions.

Participants have to be security cleared to at least EU CONFIDENTIAL level. CMC Finland will cover the costs of the possible security clearance.


CMC Finland will cover the travel costs and accommodation during the residential modules of its nominee. CMC Finland does not cover the costs of Finnish participants who have been nominated for the course by other entities, such as missions. CMC Finland does not pay per diems.


Candidates may apply to the course by filling out the Application Form found from this link. No applications submitted after the deadline (14 May 2024 16:15 UTC +03:00) are accepted.

Contact details

Should you have any questions regarding the course, please contact us via email in training@cmcfinland.fi with the headline ’HLC 2024-2025’.

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